AOL Email Tech Support Number

Use new technology and be updated with all features helps you to be on the top. To work smart it is very necessary to use advanced technology. Either to communicate or share information we use email services. The AOL is free to email service provider which has its best features. Get its amazing features and free service create your account on AOL. Due to the advanced technology of AOL email new users get trouble during log in their account. If you are new to AOL and having trouble to log in your mail address then tech support will assist to fix the trouble through AOL email customer support number. This number is open to every AOL users every time. Without any hesitation ask and shoot the trouble and feel free to utilized features of AOL.

Latest features of AOL email for users:

  1. Unlimited storage capacity:

AOL email has plenty of storage for emails. Now users don’t need to delete any mail to make space for other emails.

  1. 25 MB files can be sent via one mail:

Now the capacity of attachment file has increased. Users can send 25 MB attachment files via one email.

  1. Now users can create their own customized signature:

Customized sign of AOL can be created simply or with links and images. AOL user can send their customized sign to other AOL users.

  1. AOL email stationary feature:

The stationary of AOL includes different font size, font style, notebooks, calendars, reminders. Users can utilize this feature for reminding important meetings, dates, and events

  1. Instant text message via mail:

The service of sending an instant message on mobile via email, allows users to send fast information.

  1. 1000 filters for spam/junk email:

Now users of AOL email don’t need to worry about spam and junk mail management. AOL has 1000 filters which automatic transfer spam and junk emails into the spam folder.

AOL has not only these features but also it allows to access mail address via mobile phone. Now users of AOL email can access their mail account anywhere they want easily. If have any problem then fix it through AOL email tech support number 24×7 hours.

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