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Latest features of charter email?

Charter uses latest best technology to offer best products and services to its users and they have nailed it again with latest charter mail. Charter Email Customer Service

It has not only introduced new look but it is functional too.

  • 10 free email addresses

The charter mail gives you the ability to have as many as 10 free email addresses so that you can connect with the world the way you want. Now have the higher digital presence.

  • New icon

Colors play an important part in our lives. They can equally irritate and relax your eyes, increase your blood pressure or suppress your appetite.  The new icon to keep things fresh and keep the creative juices flowing in your veins

  • New improved clean graphically organized layout

Now you can see all the windows at one place you can check out windows like all contacts, inbox, message, etc. in one larger window and can customize it as per your requirement.

  • Large preview pane to read a message without opening

The new preview pane provides you ease of reading a mail without opening it

It helps you to see directly who has sent what and saves the time of going to each mail one by one.

And you have time to respond better.

  • Populating email option

When you add your contacts to your charter mail or import from another mail then you don’t need to write the whole address in the “To” box just start typing the first name and it starts to show you the populated list contacts to choose from.

  • Drag and drop

Just press Ctrl (in windows) / Apple(in your MacBook) and select any number of emails and drag them to move in a different folder.

  • Right-click options

Now charter mail has also added right

  • Greater customization

Working on emails has never been easier. It provides you so many customizable features like. Resizing all the internal windows of the home page you can add or remove a pane as per your choice. You can send a message to someone without the extra effort of removing forwarding details, Just click on attach the original message to send the mail as you see it.

All in all, the charter has got the complete package for you. It will optimize your working and improve your mailing experience. Furthermore, Charter Email Customer Support Number is always by your side to help and support you in setting up account and solve any queries

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