How to Track Forwarded Emails on Centurylink?

There are many features provide by CenturyLink email. If users know about all features and utilize all of them, then it would be easier to manage work. Especially for professional purpose emails are the most important part of communication and share documents. If you want to track the forwarded mail on CenturyLink, follow the given steps. You can track the recipient if they read or view the email. If you are unaware of this email feature and want to learn it. Try the given steps one by one. In case you get trouble use CenturyLink email tech support number which is 24 X 7 open. Through this number, users can resolve other email issues by the help of experts.

Step 1.

Click to “Start,” option and go to “All Programs,” then click “CenturyLink email.”

Step 2.

To create the “New Message” on the CenturyLink, click to “New” option. If you want to work with existing mail, you need to click on “Inbox.”

Step 3.

Tap to the option of “Options” & then “follow up.” By this option, you can track the forward email messages. Now click on the option “Flag for Recipients.”

Step 4.

Tap to the “Flag for Me” and after then click to “OK.”

Step 5.

Click and open the original email and view the tracked email. Click on the InfoBar & then click “Open Original Flagged Message” button.

Step 6.

Now you will able to track the forward message on CenturyLink email. If you get trouble to follow the instructions, no need to worry. The concern to tech support experts and ask them to help you.

If you are unable to track the forward email message, customer care will help you. Through CenturyLink email Customer support number users will able to find the solution. Trained experts in customer care will resolve all technical issues faced by customers. You can try to reach experts 24 X 7 because they provide their service day & night.

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