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Telecom technology plays a very important role in our life. To keep in touch with each other we use many ways to communicate. Email is the professional way to communicate, if you want to grow your professional life then choose best email service. The AOL is one of the best email service provider. The features of AOL email has made it favorite email for millions of users. The updated features of AOL email allow its users to work fast. Sometimes due its advanced technology users faces trouble in access their account. During access your AOL account if you have any issue then Contact AOL Email tech support number. This service is available for 24 hours on which technical experts solve your issues.

The new technology of AOL email provide not only communication facility but also provide news updates, videos updates on mobile site. Users of AOL email can send an email with a customized sign. These advanced features have made users life easy.

New features of AOL email for all users:

    1. Unlimited storage capacity for all emails: AOL email provide users to store emails because it has unlimited storage capacity.


    1. Users can send 25 MB file attachment per email: 25 MB attachment can be sent by users per mail. This feature saves user’s time.


    1. Users can create their customize signature: AOL email has a new updated feature that is to create the customized sign. When a user sends email to others they can use the customized sign with links or images.


    1. Stationary facility to manage work: a Stationary feature of AOL allow its users to send email in different font size, style and manage colanders.


    1. Users can send a text message directly on cell phone: Users of AOL email can send an instant text message on cell phone. It helps users to work fast.


  1. Filters for spam and junk email: The spam and junk email detected by filters and avoid them.

These features have enhanced the AOL email capacity and speed. Now users can send email instantly, can access their email anytime. If there is an issue with email feature then feel free to Contact AOL Email technical support number. The technical team of AOL provides best features as well best customer service.

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